Word of the day: October 02

Dev process terms | combo

basically the same thing as “neumorphism”, but it doesn't sound like a genetic disorder. Soft UI elements look like they emerge from the background, giving that 3D “clay mockup” feeling. In addition to that, Soft UI combines a frost-style or glassy blur effect with a softer, more pastel color palett [...]

"“I kinda like this new Soft UI design trend.” “I always knew you were a softie.”"

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Advanced IT Terms | noun

short for “sure, I have to learn Vapor, Forge, Envoyer, Valet, Sanctum, Echo, Lumen, but at least I don't have to learn SQL”. Eloquent is Laravel`s Object-Relational Mapper (ORM) which allows you to interact with each table in your database through a corresponding model and model classes. ORMs basic [...]

““Why are developers so bad at writing emails, but so good at writing queries?” “Because they're not [...]

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