Word of the day: October 06

Dev process terms | combo

basically the same thing as “neumorphism”, but it doesn't sound like a genetic disorder. Soft UI elements look like they emerge from the background, giving that 3D “clay mockup” feeling. In addition to that, Soft UI combines a frost-style or glassy blur effect with a softer, more pastel color palett [...]

"“I kinda like this new Soft UI design trend.” “I always knew you were a softie.”"

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Advanced IT Terms | Verb

a blaming system put in place usually through Git, where you can track and manage changes to software code. Commands such as “Git blame” (you thought we were joking, right?) allow you to examine a file line by line and see when each line was modified and by whom. More broadly speaking, version contr [...]

““When should you use a version control system?” “When your local files look something like Approv [...]

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