Word of the day: November 27

Dev process terms | combo

basically the same thing as “neumorphism”, but it doesn't sound like a genetic disorder. Soft UI elements look like they emerge from the background, giving that 3D “clay mockup” feeling. In addition to that, Soft UI combines a frost-style or glassy blur effect with a softer, more pastel color palett [...]

"“I kinda like this new Soft UI design trend.” “I always knew you were a softie.”"

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Just a random word

Programming languages | noun

an April Fool's joke that got out of control. Flask started out as a mock product, but, since no one has time to read code and marketing beats quality, it became an overnight success (and, according to its creator, improved since then). Flask is a Python microframework, meaning it has no database ab [...]

““What do you call incremental development in Flask.” “One drop at a time.””

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