Word of the day: April 17

Dev process terms | combo

basically the same thing as “neumorphism”, but it doesn't sound like a genetic disorder. Soft UI elements look like they emerge from the background, giving that 3D “clay mockup” feeling. In addition to that, Soft UI combines a frost-style or glassy blur effect with a softer, more pastel color palett [...]

"“I kinda like this new Soft UI design trend.” “I always knew you were a softie.”"

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Just a random word

Programming languages | noun

a CSS framework that uses utility classes in their code and dad jokes in their presentation website. Tailwind CSS lets you build modern interfaces without leaving the comfort of HTML. Traditionally, whenever you want to style a component, you have to write custom CSS. With Tailwind`s utility classes [...]

““You`re not a real developer if you only use HTML.” “Tailwind CSS. Get lost.””

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